WDDC 2024 Registration
$100 entry per car/truck

AUG 2024 LYNDEN  Registration

Mini Van Derby>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>$100

Friday Night Events
 -Mini Van Derby
 -Small Car Derby
 -Big Car 2
 -Big Truck Derby

BIG CAR DERBY Thursday>>>>>>>>>>>>>$100

Chain and Go >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>$100

Small Truck >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>$100

Big Truck >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>$100

Small Car Derby >>>>>>>>>>>> $100

Thursday Night Events
 -Small Car Figure 8
 -Mini Van Figure 8
 -Chain and Go Derby
 -Big Car 1
 -Small Truck Derby

 Each entry will receive 3 Pit Passes. They will be good for BOTH Thursday and
 Big Cars, You may not run the same car twice, (no running cars from Thursday
night on Friday night)
 We will draw for the big car heats March 18 at our meeting
o This is due to the fact that tickets will be going on sale sometime the end
of March-First or April. This will allow families to purchase tickets for the
correct nights
 You may register for any class up until the day before the show
o Big Cars registered after March 18 will be randomly added to Thursday or Friday